What is Good Messengers Ministries?

Good Messengers Ministries of Fort Wayne is a non-denominational evangelical ministry dedicated to equipping Christians to communicate the Biblical gospel through Biblical evangelism.

We exist to help every true believer become a soul winner.

How do we do this?

— By providing hands-on training in Biblical evangelism to local churches, small groups and individual believers.

— By offering The Basic Evangelism Training Course to local churches and small groups.

For a preview, visit: http://goodmessengers.org/media/wotmpromofortwayne1.mpg. Contact us for details or to schedule a class.

— By providing a free weekly newsletter in Biblical evangelism via the internet at http://www.the-soul-winner.com/. To subscribe to our ezine “Biblical Evangelism in the 21st Century”, Click Here.

— By providing evangelistic outreach opportunities for local churches, small groups and individual believers in the Fort Wayne area, such as street evangelism and Bible/tract distribution at public events.

Financial contributions to Good Messengers Ministries of Fort Wayne are accepted and are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Other volunteer opportunities exist for those committed to the preservation and proclamation of the Biblical gospel.

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